Put your best fashion foot forward…

While I’m a longtime Johnny Depp fan (who doesn’t reflect upon those 21 Jump Street days fondly?), I did feel a little girl power proud(ness) seeing Vanessa Paradis looking ethereal, strong and independent while sporting the latest Conscious Collection by H&M.  I’m also going a little nutty for printed anything but mainly pants so a big fan of these and, for the price point ($34.95), who wouldn’t be??

Every outfit needs the perfect “finish” ie the right shoe…how about these which are truly the bees’ knees!


From eco-chic shoe designer, Julie Bee’s…

The Julie Bee’s Crew understands the essential ongoing process of sustainability…they proudly make their shoes in the USA, use leather that is vegetable-dyed to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and their shoes are customized with vintage pieces that not only add a unique flair but also brings these pieces back to life. Of course, they didn’t forget about the packaging either- every pair of Julie Bee’s comes in a protective bag that’s created not far from our home here in Atlanta. Each bag is woven with 55% recycled cotton.

If you’re in Atlanta, you can check out their shoes and meet the creative force behind Julie Bee’s on April 19th at the Small Business Collaborative. Check out GOOD.IS/SBC for further info.

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