G3: Seeing is Believing…

One of the personal gifts on my list is a new pair of glasses to replace my can’t-even-remember-how-long-I’ve-had them pair of Pradas that barely stay on my face, are so scratched I can’t actually see out of them and which I am constantly misplacing. So, when we happened upon this great company, Warby Parker, that not only has an extensive repertoire of fab frames  but also has an inspiring Buy a Pair, Give a Pair campaign, I had to check them out further and give them a wee plug. As their site explains, close to one billion people don’t have access to affordable glasses which can increase a person’s income by 20%, enable students to see a blackboard and allow those with poor eyesight a little dignity because they can see better. Warby Parker makes buying a pair of glasses, to give someone in need a pair, super easy with their online “try-on” resources and you can also check them out in their locations across the country. Ironically, they’re also coming to a town near you and happen to be in Atlanta until December 23rd as part of their Warby Parker Class Trip initiative, presented by American Express, that’s taking them to nine cities over six months.

Company Name: Warby Parker
Website: www.warbyparker.com
Price: Varies but solidly around $95  

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