G3 – First fun find for the furry friends!

A perfect gift to go along with the little ones’ request “to Santa” for a new furry friend…

Remember back in the day when Apple came out with the revolutionary desktop that was one-piece only instead of two? And remember the fun colors? Well now the little furry ones can enjoy the fabulous design all over again while napping! This gift is a fun upcycle of the entire iMac as well as a custom made matching cushion to keep the furry friends feeling fabulous. Best of all, they match any decor. Choose your favorite color: blue, red, aqua, pink, green, or white. 

Company Name: Atomic Attic
Website: www.atomicattic.com
Email: aimeetyanne@yahoo.com
Pricing and Availability: $129 for bed & cushion, $15/additional cushion

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