April Trigg…Ecotainer

For more than a decade, I have been awed, inspired, moved, horrified, nauseated, mystified, mortified and back again. The event industry is the second most wasteful one in the world, according to the EPA—not exactly the ranking or the list you want to be on when you’re just trying to plan a party. I consider what I do, with my staff at eventologie and the wonderful vendors we work with across the country, to be ecotaining—producing parties with a purpose. 

People were curious about how we were able to create events that are all parts eco-fabulous while being low to zero waste so I decided I’d offer an eye into our journey to help you, at home, at work, in your town, your city, your state or your country, create events that ecotain as well. We’ve helped individuals, organizations, corporations, family & friends invent & implement events that has raised millions of funds and eons of awareness and, with each person we reach & party we put on, we get one step closer to greening the world.

Photo by Ali Muhammad

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