Blogging with April Trigg…

A few years ago, someone asked me exactly what it is I do and I promptly answered – “well, I guess you could say I ‘ecotain’…I entertain with an eco conscience” and alas my go-to catchphrase, noun, verb and all-around sum-up of my expertise was born. On my blog (, I share my tips, tools, recipes, shout-outs & conversations on all things Ecotain-ing:  Ecovites (How to Spread the (green) word for your sustainable celebration), Cuisine (Be vocal, Eat Local), Organic Libations (Aka Be Kind, Consider the Vines when pouring the Wine), Table settings (with Sustainable Stems), Accoutrements (The root (of the) décor matters), Innovations (Innovative Leave (the waste) behinds (aka our Fave Party Favors) and how to ensure your celebration leaves No Waste Behind (Recyclables & Compostables). I hope you’ll join me and join in on the world of ecotaining.

Photo by Chris London

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