30 days & ways to greater green – what’s your green pledge?

I had the great, green fortune of being able to interview amazing icons like Jane & William Lauder and the inspiring rockers from Train at the Origins Rocks the Earth Concert the other night as we led into the official Earth Day Celebration.

Since they’re all about embracing the great, green pledge – from customer to company wide – it’s seems only appropriate that  I wrap up Earth Day with my own personal green pledge of how I’m going to officially obligate myself to be greater & greener this day and beyond.

As many of us take on a New Year’s resolution or two as we embark upon a new year, I do the same as it relates to my own personal green goals as we come upon another earth day earmark. I’ve taken on plastic bags, lowered my shower experiences and tracked my carbon footprint in past years. With Earth Day 2011 here and now, I feel it’s only fair to take on a challenge I feel is excessive and assertive at the same time. As a total OCD freak (yes, to admit it is to embrace it), I’m kind of a paper towelaholic and with every very small strip of towel I use, I feel guilty knowing that I should just stick to a reusable resource instead. So…my greater & greener pledge is to (a) use resuable towels and (b) if resorting to paper towels, to resort to the unbleached paper towel alternative.

What’s your great, green pledge?

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