30 days & ways to greater green – Eat, Drink & Be Greener

Happy Sunday Funday blog buddies! It’s a triple header today with a shout out to some really great eats, drinks & ways to be greener while enjoying it all as we wrap up a sunny, Springtime weekend and head back into the work week.


One of my new favorite spots to grab a burger (a phrase a general non-meat-eater like me thought I’d deleted from my vocabulary) is Yeah! Burger in Atlanta. Named by Bon Appetit as “One of their Favorite Burger Spots in America”, what’s super appealing to me is their committment to “Keepin’ It Real”. Their burgers & sandwiches are made with natural and organic ingredients, free of antibiotics, growth hormones, synthetic pesticides & herbicides, chemical fertilizers, ammonia and other nasty additives. Their food is all made to order with choices from grass-fed, Georgia raised beef from the acclaimed farmer Will Harris with White Oaks Pastures to naturally-raised, grass-fed bison from Montana and even their veggie patties are made with South Carolina organic Sea Island red peas. I love that you choose your “meat” then all the toppings including options for a gluten-free bun and creative sauces like their Sunflower Pesto or Mississippi Mop Bbq. I just appreciate being able to go into a burger joint and actually get a [turkey with organic american cheese, dill pickles, yeah! sauce on a gluten-free bun] burger that I know comes from the right & real place. Oh – I also suggest their gluten free 50/50 [fries & rings]. One of my truly favorite things about this spot is being able to actually read up on the farmers they purchase from with pamphlets right alongside the menus as you stand in line to place your order. I feel confident that I’m being greener and they’re being greater and it’s all super DE-LISH!


Veev is the world’s first Açaí spirit & the world’s first carbon-neutral spirit – created by former-banker brothers Carter & Courtney Reum. Açaí is the Brazilian superfruit grown & harvested in the Brazilian Rainforest. The Brothers Reum capitalized on this little-known-before berry to create a brand that is greener, greater & has a give-back business model that truly creates a sustainable cycle (check out theirs under their Living Green section @ http://www.veevlife.com). They’ve taken their “A Better Way to Drink” catch phrase and turned it into a “A Better Way to Live” mantra. They donate $1 from the topline of each bottle sold to the Sustainable Açaí Project which directly benefits the farming communities that harvest the Açaí berries. For more on how they give back, keep reading under “Be Greener”.

In the meantime, we’ve served up their eco-excellent cocktails at numerous events around the U.S. Make a batch of this yummy & refreshing cocktail for your Sunday Funday!

Açaí Mojito Pitcher
¾ full with ice
½ bottle of VeeV
5 ounces simple syrup
6 ounces fresh lime juice
20-30 frozen blueberries (optional)
5 sprigs of mint
Top with club soda. Muddle the mint in the bottom of the pitcher. Fill the pitcher ¾ way with ice, add all ingredients and stir well. (Serves 6)

BE GREENER…click here: http://www.facebook.com/VeeV


For other ways to Live Greener through Veev’s awesome efforts – check out their treetini iniative with Live it Green to help plant 10,000 trees in the month of April alone. http://www.veevlife.com/treetini/

And if you’re wondering why a single tree even makes a difference  – here a few startling facts:
· Absorbs carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 lbs/year
· Releases enough oxygen to support 2 human beings
· Recycles $37,000 worth of water

Now go enjoy your Sunday Funday – eat, drink & be greener!

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