30 days & ways to greater green – Day 5 (Paper or Plastic?)

If you’re taking my advice from yesterday’s posting and planning a party, picnic style, at your local park – surely you are going to be accosted with that resounding, terrifying question of paper or plastic. Well, for those who need options on the partyware front, fear not – I have a lovely list for you and even where to find. Below are my top go-to’s as I ecotain aross the country and, you too, can pick these up and be instead ecotainers as well!

Most festive & reusable partyware: Preserve Products
Designed to be dishwasher safe and withstand hundreds of uses that won’t crack, warp or break – they even have an On the Go party pack for 40 with cups, plates &  cutlery. At the end of your event, simply gather everything up and throw it in the dishwasher. You’ll be ready to entertain at a moment’s notice! These are available at Whole Foods and their kitchen line which I LOVE is available at Target. I use their bowls & cutting board as serving dishes/trays as well.

Best compostable product for ecotaining (not reusable): Worldcentric
Available at Whole Foods – their bowls & plates are awesome – they’re made from wheat straw, not trees. Available in packs of 20, they even offer the 3 compartment plates for separating the delish bites at your picnic (for those of you who don’t like your beans & your cole slaw to “meet”).

Best for Large Groups – bulk ordering: EcoProducts (available online)
Ideal for large groups where you need compostable cups, plate, napkins, straws &  food containers. I personally took on the challenge of converting a few of  my favorite go-to lunch spots to these containers & cups and make it a point of picking up lunch from these retailers who are striving towards greater green every day.

 Their Sugarcane Clamshell Food Containers are made from a natural & renewable resource, Bagasse or sugarcane fiber. Eco-Products sugarcane disposable packaging is stronger than Styrofoam clamshells and better for the environment. Perfect for hot or cold foods. BPI certified compostable.

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