30 days & ways to greater green…day 2 (Wine not!)

A five-course green feast isn’t complete without the proper sustainably produced wine pairing. Over the past seven years we’ve been doing the Visionary Dinner, I’ve been introduced to some really fabulous wines with pretty awesome stories of winemaking with organic grapes, pesticide-free practives and water conservation techniques that not only culminate in a really fine wine but also a truly great lesson that being green sometimes makes something even greater. Here’s a little story behind my favorite from this year’s wine pairings from Snoqualmie Vineyard – we featured their Naked Chardonnay.

“At Snoqualmie, we believe that taking good care of the vineyards and local environment is essential to making the best wines possible. As part of our longtime commitment to maintaining and advancing the natural quality of the Pacific Northwest, our team takes an active interest in the local community and natural surroundings. Snoqualmie has been a leader in sustainable farming and vineyard management in Washington state, and we continually strive to reduce our impact in the vineyards and our winery. In addition to our sustainability efforts, Snoqualmie was one of the first Washington wineries to craft wines from USDA-certified organically grown grapes at our certified organic winemaking facility.

Although all of our wines are made with minimal intervention, grapes used in the Naked wine series are farmed as “au naturel” as possible. “Naked” is made with certified organically grown grapes in a certified organic facility. Very true to the varietal, these wines fit in perfectly with Joy’s philosophy that it is best to leave Mother Nature alone – let nature take her course and then try to capture the natural essence of the vineyard in the bottle.”

Uncork more info on Snoqualmie at http://www.snoqualmie.com/ – wine not!

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