30 days & ways to greater green – Day 13 (Anthropologie 101 – Clothes, Corks & Conservation)

In my office, we’re slightly obsessed with Anthropologie…the one with the “ie”, not so much the “y” (as much as find the study of humanity fascinating) and we’re so excited to see this awesome opportunity for kids & adults alike as they celebrate Earth Month…their way. Through the month of April, you and a friend, child, sister,  mother or spouse can sign up to take a cork crafting & potting class at one of the participating stores. Click here to find a store near you. For any of you who have marveled at their jaw-dropping displays of repurposed hangers that mimic flocks of birds in flight above you as you check out their latest dress, this course is for you. If you can’t make it to a class to soak that anthropologie artovation, at least take a minute to be mesmerized by the flickr photo collection of the best of the displays and please check out more on the workshops & their philanthropic partnership below…

Why cork crafting, you might ask. Well – check this out – Anthropologie and the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance have embarked on a joint initiative in all 153 Anthropologie stores in the US & the UK to increase awareness and promote the preservation of Mediterranean cork forests. The CFCA  has donated two million corks that are being installed as part of the above-mentioned fabulous-beyond-comprehension window displays at the chain’s stores. The displays are designed to coincide with Earth Day on April 22 and help bring awareness to the need for preserving these cork forests. A little shout out to the great green gals who put together this innovative philanthropic partnership – Katie Fetterolf and Erika Sorgule.

If you’d like to get it in on the cork recycling intiative, find a location that helps to recycle corks by clicking here. Our go-to green & great grocer Whole Foods Market is at the top of the list in case you don’t have time to click.

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