GO team Ovie!

I was excited to have the opportunity to share my Super Bowl party tips with Super star athlete & fellow “Greenie” Ovie Mughelli in this week’s AJC article . Since I do my best to pair an opportunity with the theme of each week’s blog postings, I thought this is the obvious week to share a little bit about the opportunities that Ovie and his foundation, The Ovie Mughelli Foundation, are offering kids through their programs that educate youth on the environment.  They strive to empower the youth to take ownership and pride about their lives and the roles that they play in society. I’ve posted a bit more info below. For further details & contact info, visit his foundation website

Our Motto: “Our future is green”

This motto was created through identifying significant words that spoke into the ultimate goals of the foundation, which is to create a communal sense of responsibility to children and their families through educating them on their environment.

Our: This is a collective effort and a collective issue, by utilizing this word; we help identify it as a group effort and cause.

Future: Embodies looking ahead, new days and vision.

Green: Is synonomys with growth, prosperity, new life and new beginnings.

It is the belief of the foundation, that through educating children on the environment, we can touch households, neighborhoods and progressively the world.


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