An Opportunity to show your love…

So, for all of you last minute gift getters (and by that I mean getting for the one you love), here’s a list of my faves this V-Day…

For one-stop shopping with a plethera of candle choices and my new fave – soy candles ensconced in recycled wine & beer bottles by artisan Evan Reese – check out Authentique Home . A great & unique post-Valentine’s treat – keep your bottles from your V-Day celebration and Candi (the proprietor) will have one-of-a-kind mementos created for you to remember the occasion. They are kindly gifting one of these cool & memorable items to the Most Romantic Lunch contest winners on Monday’s show with Mara Davis on DaveFM.

Okay – seriously – this place is literally heaven on earth. It’s like a chocolate heaven, really. Cacao Atlanta  is a “bean to bar” chocolate artisan in Atlanta that uses the highest quality organic ingredients while employing time-honored chocolate making processes to create these truly one of a kind chocolate confections. Their LOVE bars are obviously perfect for the love holiday and come in an assortment of divine combinations and even “Straight Up” for those who just want pure chocolate goodness. From truffles, hot chocolate & cinnamon flavored marshmallows to chocolate covered anything-you-can-imagine and, again, the LOVE BAR, this is one of the best places to pick up your last minute chocolates for Monday’s  BIG DAY.

Now, I’m a traditionalist when it comes to flowers on Valentine’s Day – it’s all about the rose and with this ridiculously awesome deal from Whole Foods – you seriously have no excuse. Get two dozen roses for $19.99…yep, one simple Jackson. Shop in-store or online and this is Nationwide. For true one-stop shopping, you can basically grab a bottle of bubbly, some local chocolates, candles, some Burt’s Bees lip balm and the roses and be out the door in 10…
*We’ll be showcasing a few of the WFM trademarks on Monday’s Most Romantic Lunch as well….see above.

Be a true giver with your gift this V-Day when you purchase a piece of Joan Hornig jewelry for your beloved and also designate a donation to your charity of choice. This “Philanthropy is Beautiful” jewelry designer whose gems have graced the arms, ears & necks of celeb lovelies from Cameron Diaz to Christie Brinkley offers an extensive range of gorgeous baubles to choose from. With donations made to over 700 charities already, this is a gift that truly keeps on giving…

For kids:
Valentine’s Day tradition really begins in the classroom, let’s be honest. My first memory of this treasured holiday was making cards for my classmates with my Mom on the kitchen table. With seeded paper options readily available at craft stores like Sam Flax & Michaels, your handmade card can be planted to give life later in the Spring.  A complementary gift idea for them is one of the Grow Kits Set available at Target for $14.99 – Buzzy Disney Cars and Princess kits are available and really bring this whole idea full-circle, which we’re all about.

Happy Shopping!

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