Set your stage…then fill the seats….

Today’s two-fer….Set your Stage for an award-winning dinner party then fill them seats!

Setting your stage with a sustainable table setting…

  • Use your favorite films & tantalizing TV series nominees as your backdrop to create a tablescape that sets the stage for your Golden Globes Dinner party. Use items you already have to create personalized place settings for your guests. I think it’s fun to place items in front of each of the place settings while also using chair backs to string those items that can be tied or hung without easily moving.
    *Note:  If you’re short on items, convert your Lazy Susan into your very own “360 view” look into this year’s Golden Globes by draping a black or gold cloth over your Lazy Susan and piling the items below onto it.

    • Black Swan
      • Items: ballet shoes, tulle fabric, feathers; black charger
    • Social Network
      • Items: mouse, blackberry, ipod or other; textbooks, your guest’s Facebook page/paper; square frame (or large enough frame to hold a dinner plate)
    • The Fighter
      • Boxing glove(s); athletic tape, nylon athletic shorts
    • Glee
      • CD’s, Music sheets or books, any other musical accents or décor you have handy, knee socks or cheerleading uniform
    • Mad Men
      • Martini glasses, a skinny tie, black-rimmed eye glasses; several strings of pearls; any other vintage-inspired décor you have
    • Boardwalk Empire
      • Keep out your Christmas ornaments for this one: if you have a white (especially pearlized) round ornament, use this as a mini lamp post. Place on top of a square 6” piece of dark wood if you have it or even a square glass vase will do the trick. You can wrap that in black ribbon or construction paper. Place sand (light brown sugar is a great substitute). Playing cards, dice or chips are a great accessory to this place setting as well. Other ideas are salt water taffy, mini beach balls or anything with sequins or feather (a la flapperesque).

Seat Fillers…

  • To further personalize each setting, cut out headshots of each of your favorite actor & actress nominees to indicate your boy/girl seating chart…i.e. a pic of Natalie Portman for Black Swan; Mark Wahlberg for The Fighter, Lea Michele for Glee, Jesse Eisenberg for Social Network,  Kelly Macdonald for Boardwalk Empire.
  • You can either fill a frame with the photo, simply cut out the photo and place within the charger or use string a black ribbon through one of your gold ornaments and use a black sharpie to inscribe the ornament with the actor or actresses’ name. Just a fun touch to also aid with the seating chart.

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