Save the date for Sunday, January 9th

Save the date for this Sunday, January 9th when I launch my new site & blog…


Have the post-holiday blues? Well…pep up & log-on because my new blog ( is launching just in time for awards-watching season, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day and many more reasons to ecotain this Spring. Get ready for daily tips, ideas, recipes, shout-outs, go-to’s, do now & where to do so blogs starting this Sunday, January 9th. Follow my how-to-ecotain journey with daily coverage on Eats (Sunday), Cocktails (Monday), Opportunities (Tuesday), Themes (Wednesday), Accoutrements (Thursday), Innovations (Friday) and No Waste Behind (Saturday). 

I welcome all comments, ideas & links, as well as people & products to check out. Hope you’ll join me on my journey to help you, in your city, town, suburb, college dorm, studio apartment, office building, community, state and beyond green your world and our world, one party at a time.

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