“E”verything about the girl…and her blog

Well, so it’s definitely not “e”verything about the girl but I did want to officially launch my new blog on apriltrigg.com with a little bit about who, what, where, when and why you should log on every day. I’m going a bit out of order this week to allow for a little “e”xplanation (okay, I’ll stop) to give you a brief overview of what this blog is all about. Sundays from here on out will be all about “Eats”‘ so hope you tune in for great eats to find, replicate, create and explore. Until then…here’s the skinny on apriltrigg.com:

Who: my favorite finds, resources, chefs, designers, growers, clients, friends, mentors, innovators, recyclers, ecopreneurs and beyond
What: tips, ideas, short cuts, innovations, recipes, designs, table ideas, cool finds and where to give & get involved
Where: not to be redundant but, in case there is any question…apriltrigg.com
When: follow by day those topics that pertain to ECOTAIN-ing…Eats (Sunday), Cocktails (Monday), Opportunities (Tuesday), Themes (Wednesday), Accoutrements (Thursday), Innovations (Friday) and No Waste Behind (Saturday).
Why: Because there is no time like the present to ecotain and be a part of greening the world, one party at a time

This week is Golden Globes week so tune in for daily tips on themes, table decor, cockails, recipes and more!

Happy first day of AprilTrigg.com!

Thanks for tuning in…


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