Work Ethic: Eventologie

Many of our clients are amazed at our direction—not only because we focus on implementing green events but because we insist on devising an event scope that is mission driven. Every event we do has a purpose—to raise funds for our client’s organization, of course, but to invent an event experience that is a great enhancement and exposition on the mission of the organization so that guests leave knowing what our client’s purpose is and how they can continue to help. We also incorporate greening initiatives into our social and corporate events believing that any opportunity to leave the green mark, without increasing our carbon footprint, is a chance to change the world. I have had the tremendous opportunity to travel across much of the US to work on events for many of our non-profit environmental clients. In this process, we’ve met amazing people—chefs, farmers, designers, technicians, recyclers, winemakers, and more—who have either taught us something new or have been open to the chance to learn and work together to not only entertain through our events, but to do it with a conscience. I’m a lucky gal to be part of a world that’s open to change, continually striving towards it and being able to lend a hand, and hopefully an idea or two along the way.

Photo by Christopher London

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